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Order Polydesmida*

The images on this page are all from photos of a single millipede.  I found this under a rock in our backyard at about 2:00 PM local time (NDT) on 2006-05-01, at Logy Bay, Newfoundland.  I placed him on a sheet of white paper in the sun for the photographs.

This specimen had a body length of 20 mm (~3/4 inch), plus antennae.  It was photographed with a Canon 20D and EF 180mm f/3.5L Macro USM lens & 1.4x tele-converter in natural sunlight.

*Caveat:  I am NOT an entomologist and, as with all my bug pictures, I am NOT positive about the accuracy of my taxonomic identification.

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7711 - Millipede, Order Polydesmida

7681 - Millipede, Order Polydesmida 7691 - Millipede, Order Polydesmida 7659 - Millipede, Order Polydesmida 7736 - Millipede, Order Polydesmida

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