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X-treme Promotions Snowmobile Races

Paradise, Newfoundland, 2006-02-26

Concentration Group Meeting Start Line Go! The Green Streak Getting Ready
No. 800 Fast Start Racing Red No. 69 & No. 800 Side by Side PROX on the track Two Job
No. 33 Goes Wild No. 89 Starting Fast Givin' Her Gas No. 69 at the start line No. 89 at Mid-track Winner In Blue
No. 69 On Take-off Prox Leads No. 69 The Start Artic Cat PROX Starting
Leaving The Ramp[ Into The Air Spectator at the snowmobile races. Watching the start and dodging the snow Father & Daughter Calling The Shots
Rotax Engine in Motion No. 33 Landing Free Style Jumping Rough Landing Test Run Blue Yamaha
No. 33 Freestyle Jumping No. 33 Orange Arctic Cat Winter Fun In Blue Packing The Ramp Checking The Take-off
Stand Up! No. 33 Riding High Hands Free Looking To Land No Hands Checking The Ramp
No. 44 Spectators The Track No. 69, Sled-Headz Go! Watching the races.
Crazy No. 33 Jumping Freestyle Soft Landing No. 33 Flying High Freestyle High Jump
No. 33, Freestyle That's a SEAT man! Waiting Ready To Start Big & Little No. 69
Ramp Jumping Jumpin' Crazy Off The Ramp Outstretched Arms Across The Void Day's End
Freestyle Standing Freestyle Spread Legs Coming Down Getting Ready Throwing Snow
"Off We Go!" Off the ramp Track Announcer Leaving the ramp during a jump Look Up! No. 69



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