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Norman Drodge at cape St. Francis Gallery of Photos of Bradley & Nixon, March 3, 2007 Walking on the sea ice at Outer Cove 'Rockin Robin' & The Great Khali  (7' 3", 420 Lbs)
Military Reservists at Quidi Vidi
A Handfull Niece & Aunt Nixon Drodge Nixon Drodge at 89 Days of Age
Norman Drodge Norman Drodge at Cape St. Francis Steve Erbland Need some cheap ice for your cooler? Mitchell holding Nixon
SJRD Fireman 6288 - Street Fashion 8642 - Splitting Wood Serious Dog Park Rest Never Bite The Foot That Feeds You
Before The Sea Food For All  2006-01-01 Feeding Time  2006-01-01 Blowin' In The Wind Roof-Top Meeting Memories - Sledding at Pippy Park  2006-01-03
Winter Fun at Pippy Park  2006-01-03 The Happy Fall  2006-01-03 Future Olympian Happiness Fun or Profit? 4811 - Self-Portrait Composite
Cell Phone Crazy In The Looking Glass 2006-01-29 Signal Hill Hike Happy Looking Couple Spectator at the snowmobile races The Collector



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